JLSD Organizational Changes – And What it Means For You!

In 2010, JLSD’s Board of Directors volunteered our League to participate in an AJLI-wide Action Learning Team (ALT) exploring better solutions for League governance and management. The reasons? Leader burnout and lack of time to spend on strategically moving JLSD’s mission forward. JLSD’s long-time Board of Directors structure tasked board members with both fiduciary and strategic responsibilities – as well as running the day-to-day operations of the League.
After participating in the ALT with several other large Leagues, JLSD decided last year to transition its leadership structure to a more traditional nonprofit management approach in 2013-2014. This new League year JLSD is implementing a Board of Directors and an Executive Management Team.
The Board of Directors is now responsible for League governance, fiduciary responsibilities and strategic and long-term vision for JLSD. The Executive Management Team manages the day-to-day activities of the League, including committee work that falls under the Sales & Marketing, Membership, Finance, Community and Fund Development councils.
The benefit of this new structure to you as a JLSD member is that, while the Executive Management Team and its committees continue carrying out the great work and mission of our League, the Board of Directors can invest more focus on JLSD’s long-term health and strategic impact within the community.

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