JLSD Transition-Age Foster Youth Mentoring Committee off to a Fabulous Start

Preparing for the future of JLSD and San Diego’s Transition-Age Foster Youth

In its exciting inaugural year, the Transition-Age Foster Youth (TAY) Mentorship Committee is off to a great start! Applications for the program’s mentees have been pouring in from 18-26 year-old former foster youths all over San Diego County. While the application window is open until October 1st, it is already certain that each committee member will be paired up with a mentee by early Fall.

On September 19th, the committee attended training about common backgrounds and behaviors of the TAY population. Presenters Rebeca Jiminez and Michelle North, both case managers with New Alternatives, Inc., answered committee member’s questions and shared anecdotes of what the mentors can expect in the early stages of the relationship with their mentees.

As the committee eagerly anticipates meeting their mentees after the October 1st application deadline, they are busy planning fun monthly events for the mentees. First up is a haunted house or hayride at the end of October.

The committee is very enthusiastic and fully committed to making a deep impact in the community and developing another successful JLSD program!



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