We want you! Deadline to nominate a future leader Nov 15th!

Ladies, did you know that the deadline to  submit a Statement of Intent is due by *November 15*?

We asked our very own Adina Veen, chair of Nominating committee a few questions about the Nominating Committee:

“I like to think of the Nominating Committee as Leadership Detectives. We have been in the league for a few years, have a strong pulse on who is shaking things up and we work as a team to scout out leadership for JLSD.

The Nominating Committee slates all leadership positions including the President-Elect, Executive Director-Elect, Board of Directors, Executive Management Team and all Committee Chairs.

Nominating members serve as council liaisons and work with the leadership slate and individual members to identify future leaders. This process of working with the Board of Directors, Executive Management Team, Committee Chairs and individual members while taking into consideration the strategic plan, is transparent. Conversations within the committee and candidates are considered and remain confidential to protect individual members and thereby the longevity of the organization. Given the role of leadership within an organization, the Nominating Committee’s work is considered to be the most important function of shaping the League.

How is the Nominating Committee Formed?

In order to represent the voice of the league, Nominating Committee members are elected by you, the membership, to serve a two-year term. The Committee is made up of 8 members, one of whom serves as a non-voting chair of the committee.  All members have completed two years of active membership in the Junior League.

Each year, 4 new positions will come up for election, with 4 members retiring and four members returning from the previous year.  The length of service is important to ensure the continuity of leadership and stewardship of the League.

At the January 2014 General Meeting, active members in good standing who have submitted a Statement of Interest and are selected by Nominating to be placed on a slate, will be voted on by membership.  The four women with the most votes will join the Nominating committee in 2014-2015, for service through the 2015-2016 league year.”

Have a future leader in mind you would like to recommend? Click here

Help shape the future of JLSD… Join Nominating!!!

junior league leadership
junior league leadership

For questions, please email nominating@jlsd.org.

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