Donate Life: Jackie Dunn Memorial Campaign

As many of you are aware, JLSD lost a dedicated member, Jackie Dunn, in a tragic June bicycling accident. Our loss was felt by many, and will not be forgotten. Jackie was as generous in death as she was in life and, because she was a registered organ donor, the lives of six southern California residents, ages 4 – 60, were saved with seven of her vital organs.

This past summer, Gabrielle Durand and Christiane Hoffman initiated the Jackie Price Dunn Memorial Campaign. Although we’ve had a number of re-registrations and profile updates, there have not been any new enrollments thus far. Registering is an uncomplicated, straightforward process. We hope during this season of giving, you’ll consider reviewing the FAQ’s and registering.

Undoubtedly, Jackie’s loss was felt most by her family, who are still recovering from their loss. The silver lining has been knowing that Jackie’s spirit lives on in others. Organ recipients sometimes choose to reach out to the donor’s family months, or sometimes years, after their surgeries. One of Jackie’s recipients recently reached out to Jackie’s husband, Durward, to express his gratitude for Jackie’s gift. He’s a middle-aged man who was compelled to write and let him know that his five year old daughter will grow up with a father because Jackie chose to register as a donor. Hopefully, with the influence of her father, this child grows up to be as kind and generous as our Jackie.


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