Action Learning Team Update

The Action Learning Team (ALT) has been busy working for our JLSD membership! This year is the third of the three year ALT process and the first as a League split into two bodies of executive leadership. The ALT committee has reviewed many facets of our leadership structure including term lengths, board composition, and policy delineation.

What’s new? The ALT committee is proposing two bylaw changes the membership will vote on at the May annual meeting that enables the President, Executive Director and some board of director positions to serve two years, instead of one as dictated by the current bylaws. This proposal is based on AJLI’s recommendation to explore longer term lengths during our action learning team (ALT) process. Research by the ALT committee found that, while JLSD council directors were not interested in serving longer terms, the President, Executive Director and board positions found that a longer term would enable them to be more effective. This bylaw change would not affect any leadership positions until the 2016-2017 League year.

In addition, as JLSD continues to learn and improve its organizational leadership, the ALT committee feels that JLSD may need to make adjustments to who sits on the board in future years. To allow for maximum flexibility, we are proposing a bylaw change that states that the Executive Director, Executive Director-Elect, Nominating and at-large directors MAY sit on the board. This change does not mean that they have to, or in fact, will sit on the board. It simply allows JLSD the flexibility if those changes are needed in the future.

This has been a very exciting year and we are excited to present our proposed bylaw changes to the general membership for vote in the May voting meeting! Please contact if you have any questions about the proposed changes.

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