The Art of Swimming: Casino for Cause Event

The Gardenia and Iris Provisional groups gathered together in late November to plan their fundraising and volunteer projects. One of the group members had mentioned in the meeting that they were either going to “sink or swim!” Everyone chuckled and then begin to get to work. They chose Palomar Health Foundation Forensic Health Services Program, an organization that provides a screening program for women and children survivors of sexual assault and abuse, for their Community Partner.

The group met weekly in person and conducted many conference calls to create “Casino for a Cause” Provisional Event.casino1 They adopted the Junior League model and designated leads for important committees, i.e. Marketing, Community Partnership, Procurement, Logistics, etc. and utilized a cloud-based project management program called Basecamp, which provided collaborative space to communicate and house required documents in this space, too.

For the event, they decided on a 1920s-themed casino night, titled “Casino for a Cause: A Roaring 20’s Soiree.” casino2It was held on February 1, from 6-10pm, at Arterra in the Marriott in Del Mar. There was over a 140 attendees and the event raised approximately $19,700 to benefit both the Palomar Health Foundation and the Junior League of San Diego.

The group’s outreach and solicitation efforts contributed to much of the event’s success. In addition, all of the group members understood the needs of the Palomar Health Foundation and had great involvement from the PHF staff, volunteers and supporters. The Gardenia and Iris Provisional groups felt it was an honored to work on behalf of the Junior League of San Diego and partner with Palomar Health.


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