Driving Success: Teaming Up with TAY

The Lilies and Hibiscus Provisional Groups teamed up with TAY Academy, a division of San Diego Youth Service, as their community partner for their fundraiser and impact event.  TAY Academy provides a safe, inclusive, youth-led environment in five locations throughout San Diego County, and is designed to be a one-stop center for comprehensive services and support for transitional-age foster youth on their journey to independence and self-sufficiency.

 Reliable transportation can be a substantial barrier to former foster youth, as they may not have had the traditional support to learn how to drive, purchase car insurance, and/or purchase their first vehicle.  Without reliable transportation, these young adults are forced to depend on rides from friends and public transit, which can prevent them from taking advantage of career and educational opportunities.  Moreover, becoming a licensed driver is an empowering experience.

For this reason, Lilies and Hibiscus Provisional groups teamed up with TAY Academy to create an Impact Event to educate and motivate their members to seek their drivers’ licenses.  In response, the League members designed a three hour interactive event, focusing on the following areas, and more:

  • What to expect on your driving test
  • Everything you need to do to be a driver, from obtaining your social security card to the type of insurance you need
  • What to expect when buying your first car, and how to budget
  • How to be a safe and responsible driver

Members teamed up to design five different experiences, including quiz games, computer training, and discussions. The participants will be on teams of seven or less, and will rotate through each experience.   Finally, after dinner for all, each participant will be given a folder containing forms and checklists discussed in each station, in addition to a few fun gifts for participating.  The goal to provide an informative, interactive, and fun event was successfully met!


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