JLSD: Mentoring Our Local Youth…and Winning!

We are so proud that JLSD’s Mentoring Program has paired 14 transition-aged youth, or TAY, with dedicated JLSD members in its inaugural year. Mentor/mentee pairs communicated regularly, met one-on-one at least once monthly, and participated in a monthly group activity. The program is rapidly growing as it is publicized and recognized by members of the TAY community who are eager to participate.

On April 18, 2014, the Mentoring Program received San Diego Family and Youth Roundtable’s Gallant Knight Award from the San Diego Family and Youth Roundtable, which is awarded to an organization that valiantly advocates for those members of the community who cannot advocate effectively for themselves. JLSD’s Mentoring Program was among winners that included some of San Diego’s most well known philanthropists.


We should all feel very proud of TAY and the work JLSD is doing in our community. Congratulations to all TAY participants and supporters!

*Pictured: The amazing Emily Green and her former student, Luis Porraz, who recited an original poem as part of the acceptance speech. Great job, Luis!!

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