Welcome Message from 2014-2015 President, Erin Leventhal

Welcome to the 2014-2015 League year! Each summer holds the erinpromise of new things for our members: new committee placements, new leaders, new initiatives and this summer, we’re kicking off two exciting endeavors – new General Membership Meeting concepts and our 2014-2017 Strategic Plan.

JLSD’s long-standing tradition of General Membership Meetings (GMMs) have served as an opportunity to bring our membership together as a whole, foster social interaction and educate our members on important issues facing the San Diego community. As a membership-driven organization, however, it’s vital that we continually assess the needs and interests of our members, and explore new ways to engage the women of JLSD.

During the 2014-2015 year, JLSD will be piloting new GMM concepts that leverage technology and meaningful interaction to enrich our members’ GMM experience. Member feedback and assessment will be a critical part of the process, so I look forward to your participation and value your feedback as we continue to improve upon your membership experience.

Another exciting development for JLSD is the launch of our 2014-2017 Strategic Plan. Designed to drive JLSD through 2017, our Strategic Plan focuses on four key goals to move our organization forward:

  • Grow the size and diversity of JLSD’s membership
  • Ensure the financial health of JLSD through sustainable and diversified revenue sources
  • Create sustainable project(s) serving San Diego’s transition-age youth (TAY)
  • Increase awareness and understanding of JLSD in San Diego and within the League

These four strategic goals reflect significant member feedback regarding the future direction of JLSD, and we look forward to working together as an Executive Leadership team to accomplish these objectives over the next three years.

Lastly, the theme for this League year is “Transforming Lives.” Throughout my time in JLSD, I’ve often been struck by how unique our organization is that we work toward improving and transforming the lives of the transition-age foster youth we serve – while improving and transforming ourselves into better volunteers and more effective leaders. The transformation of both the youth we serve and our members are critical to understanding our mission and the impact of what we do. In the next few weeks, our website will provide an opportunity for members to capture and reflect on how JLSD has transformed them or someone they’ve worked with. I encourage you to take the time this year to let us know how JLSD has made a difference in someone’s life.

Thank you for all you’ve done to make JLSD the robust women’s organization it is and I look forward to what we will accomplish together this year!

In Community Spirit,

Erin Leventhal
President, 2014-2015
Junior League of San Diego

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