66th Annual Day at the Races

The 66th Annual JLSD Day at the Races is almost here!  Who wouldn’t want to spend their Saturday, August 16, at the classy Il Palio Restaurant watching the races and donning the traditional hat? Post time (that’s start time in race jargon) is 2:00pm but arrive as fashionably early as 12:30pm to get the best view.

Our annual event is a unique opportunity to experience the Del Mar Races in the presence of other JLSD members, family and friends.  That’s right, you can bring guests to enjoy the experience with you!  Your ticket gets you entry into Il Palio.  Be warned, however, dress code is strictly enforced!  That means for ladies, suits or daytime dresses are preferred. Slacks may be worn with a tailored jacket. Definitely no jeans, denim, shorts, T-shirts, athletic shoes or abbreviated attire.  For the men suit or sports jacket must be worn at all times. A sports shirt, with a jacket, may be worn, provided the shirt is buttoned to the top button below the collar. Ties are optional.  Out of the question:   turtleneck, polo-style shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, short-sleeved jackets, windbreakers, jeans or denim pants, shorts or athletic shoes.

Don’t forget to wear your hat!  They are definitely allowed in the dress code, following the tradition of hats at horse races.  In the early 1900’s, women (and men!) found that wearing hats at such public events gave them a chance to show their individuality and personal style.   One of the highlights of our afternoon is the hat contest.  First, second and third prices will be given.  The winner will have an opportunity to announce one of the races with our president, Erin Leventhal.  So, find the hat that shows off your individuality and style!

Back to our venue, Il Palio…they offer food (including a buffet) and beverage to purchase.  And, you can even head over to the Turf Club during or after our event.  August 16 also happens to be the Gourmet Food Truck Festival.  The festival takes place from noon-6pm in the Seaside Concert Area, west of the Grandstand.  Please see here for more information. 

Make sure to allow time to park and check in.  Parking has two options:  general, which is $10 and includes about a 10-minute walk to the check-in table, and valet, directly across from the check-in table and costs $25.  Our check-in table will be right next to the main entrance.  This is where you will get your ticket and then directed to Il Palio to enjoy your day.

We look forward to seeing you there for a fantastic afternoon! Don’t forget to purchase your tickets today!


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