TAY Family Drive: Donate Today!

The JLSD Impact Committee will be running a Family Drive in September to support five families of Transition Age Foster Youth who utilize San Diego Youth Services and TAY Academy resources. These families are transition age foster youth who have children and have very few resources available to them.

TAY Academy works with families to provide safe housing options and support services; however, TAY housing options and several homeless shelters separate the families by gender and often times these families have to resort to homelessness in order to remain a family unit.  JLSD plans to help each family by providing them donated items from the lists below.

As an incentive to donate items, members dropping off items at the September General Meeting will receive one raffle ticket. At the end of the meeting, the winning raffle ticket holder will be given a $25 gift card.

JLSD Members/Sustainers can drop off items at the JLSD house during office hours with Sheila or simply put items in the Community Council Room in the JLSD house basement. The items will be stored in the community room in the basement in September and then packaged up at the October General meeting. An impact shift will be scheduled in November to drop off the drive items to SD Youth Services. Please email the Impact Committee for more information or any questions.

Andy (23) & Lola (19) Al (23) & Mason (22) Danny (21) & Katie (20) Tina (19) Alexandra (21)
Amy (2.5) & Alex (3 mon.) Nancy (1 yr) Elise
(6 mon.)
(4 mon.)
(born 8/11/2014)
Items of Need
3T Pull ups Wipes Size 4/5 diapers 6 mon. female clothes infant stroller (that will fit car seat)
Size 6 Diapers Size 5 diapers wipes Size 12 pants diapers (0-6 mon.)
Size 4 Diapers toilet paper baby soap Size 9.5-10 tennis shoes wipes
Wipes 12-18 mon. female clothes 6-9 mon. female clothes Medium Shirts (Female) laundry detergent
9 month male clothes Baby toys 9-12 mon. socks Size 2 diapers bottles
3T female clothes Food and baby food large female tank tops wipes (sensitive) baby soap/shampoo
Baby bottles Hygiene supplies (male & female) 8.5 size sandals (female) Baby toys hygiene supplies (female)
Hygiene supplies (male& female) 36C nursing bras Baby dishes, bowls, spoons, etc breast pump
8.5 male tennis shoes blender diaper bag (large)
large muscle Ts (male) Size 8 underwear baby bath towels
32 waist boxer briefs (male) hygiene, bodywash, deodorant, toothbrush
Hair shaver/razor bouncer
Hair straightener
Size 7 skinny jeans (female)
Additional Items not listed above:
Duffle bag/luggage
Gift cards to grocery store/Target/Walmart/etc.

**Diapers are high priority on the list as they are not covered by Food Stamps or Government assistance.

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