CONGRATULATIONS to our 2015-2016 President-Elect and Executive Director-Elect candidates!

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, we would like to formally congratulate our President-Elect candidate, Nicole Steele, and Executive Director-Elect candidate, Lisa Cobble!

As a member of the Junior League of San Diego since 2009, Lisa Cobble is a 2-year member of the Board of Directors as CFO and CFO-Emeritus, and played an instrumental role in the financial standing of our league. Currently, Lisa is Co-Chair of the Community Outreach Council’s Solutions Summit Committee, and is playing an integral part of the project development for JLSD’s “Next Big Thing.” Lisa’s project management experience, membership awareness, and financial expertise will prove invaluable as she serves as our Executive Director in 2016-2017.

Nicole Steele, President-Elect candidate, joined the Junior League of San Diego in 2003. As a well-seasoned member of JLSD, Nicole will bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to her Presidency. Nicole has served as a member of the Board of Directors for two terms, and has also served as Chair on both the Membership and Fund Development Councils. In addition to Nicole’s multi-council leadership experience, she served as a 2-year member of the Nominating Committee, and most recently as a 3-year Sustainer member of the Action Learning Team with which she worked very closely on the research and planning of the Governance/Management structure to which our league officially transitioned in 2013. Nicole currently serves as the Board Assistant, and is passionate about providing leadership that is collaborative, creative, and meaningful for all members of the Junior League of San Diego.

Congratulations, Nicole and Lisa!!!

Lisa Cobble, ED-Elect
Lisa Cobble, ED-Elect
Nicole Steele, President-Elect
Nicole Steele, President-Elect

Please note that all members will have an opportunity to make these candidates official at the January Voting Meeting! Any questions may be directed to

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