Getting to Know AB12

California Capital Building

As you are sitting at your kitchen table this morning, coffee in hand, JLSD blog pulled up on your laptop, take a moment to think about where you were at the age of 21. Were you finishing up college? Were you interviewing for your summer internship? Could you call your mom or dad for financial and emotional support? Unfortunately, that is rarely the reality for a child of the foster system. Currently, not all teenagers receive the fuel to properly propel them into a productive adulthood.

Junior League of San Diego has committed our time and resources to San Diego’s transitional-aged foster youth. Together, with our community partners, JLSD hopes to make a positive impact on this underserved population by focusing on the implementation of Assembly Bill 12.

Assembly Bill 12 (AB12) passed California’s legislature in 2010 and began its implementation in 2012. January 2014 marked full implementation of the bill, which is also known as California Fostering Connections to Success Act. As of January 2014, a qualifying foster child will now receive benefits until the non-minor dependent turns 21 years old.

The goal of The California Fostering Connections to Success Act is to help ease the youth into adulthood and provide them access to a support network. Before AB12, the foster youth was on his/her own at the age of 18. Now, because of AB12, non-minor dependents have more housing options, a financial leg-up, and continued access to a social worker.

JLSD encourages you to learn more about AB12 and transitional-aged foster youth.

At A Glance:
Dig A Little Deeper:
In Depth:

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