Why Do You JLSD?

This year we have been diving into each of the strategic initiatives at our general membership meetings. This past Tuesday, March 10, we talked about our goal to increase awareness and understanding of JLSD in San Diego and within the League.

The Board of Directors has assembled an ad hoc committee at the beginning of the year to develop some key messages to arm our members when a friend/coworker/neighbor/stranger asks them about JLSD. The team deeply examined how we see ourselves as an organization and the most important things for people to understand about us.

After all, there is so much to JLSD… we’re an all women organization. We volunteer and give back through community projects. But we also have fundraisers and events. And we’re also a training organization. But it’s fun and social, too! There can be so many competing ideas, that it is important to distill all of those into those that are most important; our key messages.

Being prepared with those key points can help make those conversations easier, and make them more memorable for those friends, coworkers, neighbors and strangers. These targeted messages are more likely to impact them to join, attend that fundraiser, donate or just have a better understand of what JLSD is all about.

At the March general membership meeting we reviewed the key message points below. You’ll notice that these are not scripted, they are short concepts that you can remember and personalize. Sharing your personal stories of what you get out of JLSD will make your message even more impactful.

To help members share what JLSD means to them, we’re having a social media campaign from now until Charter Day on March 15. Share you story via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WhyIJLSD and tag JLSD so that we can all be inspired by one another!

#WhyIJLSD became clears when JLSD members began getting asked to serve on prominent human trafficking task forces throughout the community. The fact that our members – who have no formal experience in this area outside of JLSD – could be viewed as experts through the work we’re doing as a volunteer organization is astounding.” – Erin Leventhal, President

#WhyIJLSD is because being a member of JLSD is both empowering and inspiring. I am empowered to take on leadership positions that I normally may be intimidated by because JLSD’s environment is encouraging rather than competitive. I am inspired by the community spirit, different areas of expertise, and achievements of individual members and by the League as a whole. I am happy, honored, and humbled to be part of such a powerhouse group of women!” – Emily Green, Community Council Director-Elect

#WhyIJLSD? Because I have met my best friends in San Diego through JLSD. In that way it has really changed the course of my life. In fact I have four Junior Leaguers as bridesmaids in my wedding this fall! It’s hard to imagine where I might be today without the influence of these friendships with strong, inspirational women.” – Joanna Pietrzyk, Digital Media committee member

#WhyIJLSD is because the League’s effort to develop women leaders and create positive change has inspired me from the time I was a young girl, helping my mom run the League’s rummage sale, to now, working to raise funds to improve the lives of transition-age foster youth. Generations of women volunteers have dedicated so much energy to serve San Diego’s most deserving, and I am honored to be a part of the League’s 85-year legacy.” – Andrea Myers, Fund Development Council Director

“JLSD has given me my un-biological sisters! Women who know how to rally behind a cause in so many ways. It’s the work we do that grows our friendships and ignites passion behind what we do. That’s why #WhyIJLSD.– Vanessa Fleur, Director At-Large

What impact has JLSD had on YOUR life? Share it with us online. l look forward to seeing your #WhyIJLSD!

Please email directorsatlarge@jlsd.org with any questions.


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