JLSD Bylaw Changes 2015: Town Hall

The ALT (Action Learning Team) committee is hosting an informal Town Hall at 210 Maple on April 16th at 6:30pm to discuss the 2015 proposed Bylaw changes and to answer any questions from membership so you are prepared to vote on them in May.

The two proposed Bylaw changes are as follows:

1. Adding Directors at Large to Article V, Section 3: Term and Eligibility and

2. Adding language to Article VI, Section 2: Election of Leadership that allows for a three-year term President to be slated.

Why is ALT proposing these Bylaw changes?

  • Longer term lengths at the Board level mirror other non-profit organizational structures
  • AJLI strongly recommends longer term lengths as well as staggered terms, which will allow for diversity of thought, limit unproductive partnerships and reduce the learning curve of the Board
  • The changes would allow for better implementation and continuity of the JLSD Strategic Plan and more generative discussions
  • To improve Board transition and information retention – the Board requires continuity and experience to achieve long term goals
  • To streamline Nominating’s slating process and timeline

Attend the Town Hall meeting to learn more and get all your questions answered. Understanding what you are voting for at the Annual Voting Meeting in May is always important!  Members click here to register!

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