Tech For TAY

The Junior League of San Diego (JLSD) is dedicated to serving the greater San Diego area. JLSD is currently focused on supporting San Diego County transition-age foster youth (TAY) as they make the critical transition into independent adult life.

Each year, the Junior League of San Diego matches highly committed members with transition age foster youth on a 1:1 ratio. Group events are also held with all mentor/mentee teams, and individual connections and relationships are formed between mentors and mentees to assist TAY with their transition to independent adult life.

In July 2015, the JLSD TAY mentors gifted Smartbook Laptops to their mentees. In addition to supporting our mentees with healthy eating strategies, budgeting skills, resume writing and helping build confidence, JLSD felt it was imperative to give our mentees a tangible tool that would provide with a technological advantages as they transition into independent adult life.

Below is mentee, Brittany, grinning ear-to-ear when she opened her new laptop. It was a priceless moment.

TAY laptops

Prior to receiving their laptops, most mentees relied on using computers at the public library or their smart phones. 87% of Californians have  personal computers, and our mentees were among the 13% that didn’t. We saw a definite need, and JLSD was grateful to be able to meet it.

Each computer was downloaded with Microsoft Office, enabling the mentees to update their resumes as needed, work on college papers, and integrate computers into their daily lives.   It is JLSD’s intention to keep “Tech for TAY” sustainable for the duration of time that TAY remains our focus area.

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