Meet 10-Year JLSD Member, Adina Veen!


Adina Veen joined the Junior League of San Diego in 2005 and has served as Advocacy Committee Chair, Board of Directors – Recording Secretary and Nominating Committee Chair. She began her service as a sustaining member after being selected to serve on the Task Force for the Association of Junior League International to focus on diversity and inclusion.
Adina has pursued a career in the nonprofit sector; she spent several years with the Girls Scouts of San Diego and currently works with the United Way of San Diego as the Volunteer Engagement Manager. She has her Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the University of San Diego, and was selected as one of the 22 inspirational Latina nonprofit leaders across the country for the National Hispana Leadership Institute. Most recently, Adina was nominated for San Diego Magazine’s Latino Impact Award in recognition for her amazing work inside and outside of the Junior League!

What have you enjoyed most about being in JLSD or do you have a
favorite memory or experience?

I love the League because I continue to be surrounded by amazing women,
who care about our community. I have also discovered that the majority of
the women leaders I encounter through my work in the nonprofit sector are
league members. My favorite memory was attending a State Public Affairs
Committee (SPAC) conference in Sacramento.

Do you have any advice for members about how to make the most out of their experience in the League?

Take the time to network with your fellow volunteers and step out of your
comfort zones. The more you work with and get to know your fellow
members, beyond your tight group of friends, the more you will learn about
yourself and your leadership strengths. I grew the most when I stepped away
from Community Impact committees and took on the role of Recording
Secretary under the leadership of Alison Sullivan; and don’t do it all yourself!
I am my strongest when I depend and rely on others’ strengths. I would not
have achieved anything in life it weren’t for the strong women, mentors,
leaders, friends and family members that surround me.

Any fun facts you’d like to share or things that others might not know about you?  Activities you enjoy?  Favorite spots (restaurant, travel destination, etc.)?

I LOVE soccer! I still play indoor soccer and am a huge fan of our national
teams, especially the Women’s World Cup Champions! I don’t miss an
episode of So You Think You Can Dance; I love to spend a late night dancing
with my girlfriends. I’m always game for a good prank. My favorite date is
dinner and margaritas at Ponces in Kensington followed by ice cream at
Mariposa’s. I love when my husband and I stay up late at night just laughing
and enjoying each other’s company. I cry at any sentimental scene between
parents/children (even commercials), and I feel the freest when I am at the
beach with my husband, daughter, and dog running and digging in the sand
and jumping in the waves.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment (could be
professional, personal, or within the League)?

The moment I realized the easy road doesn’t help me grow, it just keeps me
in the same place. Beyond all my professional, league and personal
accomplishments, I am proudest, that despite it all, after becoming a mother
and maintaining a strong relationship with my husband, I still find time to
focus on my passions and my own development. I have worked hard to not
use responsibilities or roadblocks as an excuse, but rather as a reason to push
harder. When I feel like giving up, I know I only feel that way because it’s the
easy route, and the only way I am going to continue to grow into the woman I
strive to be is to stand up and stay forward.

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