Member Monday Bio- Elizabeth Ireland


Elizabeth Ireland joined the Junior League of San Diego in 2012 and after her provisional year she jumped right in as Co-Chair of the Marketing Committee. The following two years, her true passion has been with JLSD’s Advocacy Committee where she has “found her home” working to raise public awareness and league education around the issues of transition-age youth and human trafficking. Mark your calendar for JLSD’s Human Trafficking Awareness Rally on Saturday January 16, 2016 at 1:00 PM at Balboa Park!

Elizabeth earned her degree in Public Communications from American University, in Washington DC. After graduation, she moved to sunny San Diego, where she worked as a Writer at NBC San Diego. Putting her PR expertise and skills to use, she took on the role of Senior Program Manager at Stalwart Communications. She has been with Stalwart for 5 years. Elizabeth has been PR force ever since and is responsible for many of our Junior League events and campaigns landing in the San Diego media and beyond. You may have met her boss, David Oates, who led a few “PR 101” trainings and “the art of the elevator pitch” at last year’s GMM. She has an infectious smile and happy personality that everyone wants to be around. Elizabeth is extremely proud to be a member of JLSD and promotes the League wherever she goes.

Status (sustainer, active, etc.):

Any history of JL members in your family or close friends?
Yes! My dear friends Jessica Packard, Joanna Stickel and Devon Foster are the reasons I joined. #whyijlsd

What are your most memorable experience(s) from the League:
Too many people and moments to name…I’ve never felt more proud of us than the two “Human Trafficking Awareness Day” rallies and I’ve never laughed so hard than the Bachelor Bash press tour/fundraisers.

How do you balance work and personal life?
It’s always going to be a roller coaster, so I focus on being as consistent and authentic at work as I am in my personal life.

Any fun fact you would like to add about yourself?
I can find fun anywhere.

What’s your favorite restaurant?
The Little Lion in Ocean Beach, which is owned by fellow JLSD member and my good friend, Dominique Coulon. Everyone must go eat there!

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