Member Monday Bio- Courtney Prato


1. Current JLSD role/placement:
Director At-Large

2. Number of years in JL:

3. Where are you from? Are you a native? If not, where have you lived and how did you end up here? Have you been a member of other JL’s?
I’m originally from Northern California, but grew up in Washington. I’ve been in San Diego for 11 years, so it’s home now. In between I’ve also lived in Australia, Sonoma and Hawaii.

4. Any history of JL members in your family or close friends? How/why did you get involved?
I didn’t know anyone in JL prior to joining, but now I would say that most of my close friends are from JLSD! I joined because when I moved to San Diego, I didn’t know anyone. I was looking for a way to get involved in the community and meet some new friends. I had no idea at the time how much that decision would shape my life in San Diego!

4. What is your occupation? Tell us a little about what you do and where you work and/or educational background.
I’m in marketing. I work for Vistage Worldwide, a company that develops peer advisory groups for CEOs and business owners to help each other work through issues and opportunities, grow their businesses and grow as leaders. It’s very rewarding and inspiring! I’ve spent my entire career in communications – marketing, PR, advertising, corporate communications, etc.

5. What are you looking forward to this year in the League?
This is my second year on the board and it has been one of my favorite experiences in JLSD so far. I love working with a team of dedicated, smart and inspirational women to help to advance our mission. I also love being able to focus on specific issues as director at-large. I’m able to bring my professional experience to play on messaging and it’s been really rewarding to kick off JLSD’s working on diversity and inclusion. I think that it can make a big impact on the future of our League.

6. Has there been a favorite seminar, training, speaker or topic that you’ve heard while being in the League?
Vicki Clark is always a favorite trainer. She brings so much insight and energy to our conversations, you leave feeling refreshed and recommitted.

7. What have you enjoyed most about being in JLSD or do you have a favorite memory or experience you could share with us?
My favorite part about being a member of JLSD is the people I’ve had a chance to know as a result. I’ve met all of my best San Diego friends, I’ve learned so much from women I respect and look up to, and I even got my job as a result of a JLSD connection! I’m thankful every day for the people JLSD has brought into my life.

8. Any fun facts you’d like to share, something unique about yourself?Something that people could be surprised to know about you?
I have jockeyed an ostrich, ridden elephants, cuddled with a baby cheetah and try to pet every dog I see.

9. What activities do you enjoy? Favorite restaurants or travel destinations?
I love to travel! I’ve been to 36 countries and every continent except for Antarctica – I’m saving that for my 40th!

10. What do you like to do outside of the JLSD?

Spending time with my boyfriend and friends, drinking wine, eating cheese, and occasionally hitting the gym to balance out the wine and cheese.

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