Member Monday Bio- Liza Pinard

liza pinard
Liza Pinard
Current JLSD role/placement:
Number of years in the Junior League: 13 years (yikes, that’s a LONG time!)

What do you wish others knew about your placement?
The role of president is a very lonely job ,as members say they don’t want to “bother me” or they think I am “too busy.” Neither is the case! I love talking to fellow members, getting to know them, hearing their feedback, finding out what they have been up to, what challenges or ideas they have….we’re all in this together, supporting an organization and community we love!

What advice do you have for other members about choosing a meaningful placement?
I have always thought of the Junior League as a safe place to learn new skills, so I have always picked placements that would challenge me and allow me to learn a new skill or two. My advice would be to go out of your comfort zone as you’ll always excel at what you’re comfortable doing. It’s when you’re in unfamiliar territory that you most grow.

What have you learned and/or gained from being a member of the League?
So many things, probably too many to list! I will always be eternally grateful for the friendships I made. I joined at a time when all of my friends from college left San Diego for other cities so I was completely alone. The connection with like-minded women was invaluable at that time, and still is to this day. In terms of training, there is absolutely nothing like the Junior League. I have sat on committees and boards for other non-profits and it is sometimes hard to hide my frustration as I constantly find myself raising my hand and saying, “Well, in Junior League, we do it this way” or ” In Junior League, we’d try it that way”. It is hard not to be a know-it-all but we are just SO well trained!

What are your most memorable experience(s) from the League? Chairing the Provisional Committee! This was probably my favorite committee placement as I loved meeting the new provisionals and working with the mentors.

What have you enjoyed most about being in JLSD or do you have a favorite memory or experience you could share with us?
Stuffing backpacks. We used to have a project where we went into schools on back-to-school nights and we’d hand out backpacks full of all sorts of stuff first graders needed….pencils, number blocks, letter books, etc, etc. It was really rewarding to interact with the community, especially the kids, as they were thrilled to get their backpack full of goodies!

Tell us about your family.
I have been married to my husband Steven for ten years. We have one son, Ben, who will turn three in December. We have two cats, Whitey and Southie, and two pugs, Brady and Sox. My husband is from Boston so all of our pets are named after something related to Boston. (Whitey for Whitey Bulgar, Southie for South Boston, Brady after Tom Brady and Sox for his beloved Red Sox)

What activities do you enjoy outside of Junior League?
My son takes up a lot of my time as we stay very active. It’s been fun to explore San Diego with a child as I spend a lot of time at the Zoo, the Safari Park, the Aquarium, and SeaWorld. Prior to having Ben, I rode horses. Hoping to get back to doing that soon!

What is your favorite restaurant?
Eddie V’s

Who is your favorite sports team?
Alabama Crimson Tide (college football)

What is your favorite quote?
“This too shall pass”- my mother Marie Osbun. This has gotten me through a lot of moments when I thought there was no hope.

What is the last book you read and would recommend?
The Admissions by Meg Mitchell Moore. I would recommend it. It’s light, but has some depth to it so all and all, not a bad read.

How do you balance work and personal life?
Organization and a lot of to-do lists.

Fun fact or something unique about yourself?
Something people could be surprised to know about you? I have a masters degree in Forensic Science.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment (could be professional, personal, or within the League)?
My son. It took us a long time to have him, but he is fantastic. He’s got his moments of bad behavior, but all in all, he’s a really good kid. We are trying to raise him to be respectful, inquisitive, open-minded and most importantly, kind-hearted. As much as I hate to see my baby grow, I am excited to see the man he will become.

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