The Training Council is launching JLSD’s first annual Board Academy!  This certificate program has been developed to meet Junior League’s mission of developing the potential of women and training volunteers with the leadership skills needed to improve the community.  Participants will learn expertise ranging from the legal and fiduciary duties of the Board of Directors to how to speak and use social media about your organization.  Through the program, participants will learn how the Junior League of San Diego functions as a non-profit organization – the knowledge gained will be invaluable to one’s Junior League career, better equipping leaders in any path chosen! Strategic planning and impact evaluation are extremely valuable skills that are transferable to other facets of professional life.  Competences learned through these trainings can all be used in other community or professional board positions.  This is a great continuing education program to add to your resume!

JLSD’s Board Academy is bringing in professional instructors to teach in their respective areas of specialty.  The value that you will receive from this series of trainings would be very costly to obtain from comparable certificate programs through other organizations – all is offered to JLSD members for FREE!  Please sign up for the entire series, or as many as your schedule allows.

There are limited spots available that will fill up quickly, so sign up today for Board Academy Training!

Find copies of the course outlines, and a description of each course here.


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