#dearjlsd: Lindsay Pfeffer

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.


You are my everything; my one true love. You have been there for me when I needed you most, but more importantly you have been there for those who need it far more than I can ever imagine.  You are something I hold dear and feel lucky to have graced. You are my friend, my inspiration, my muse.  A force that is seen with awe from all that I encounter and a role model for my family to come.  You are all that is still good and selfless in this world and for that I am honored. Your mix of strength, wisdom and undying effort is what I will always strive to replicate throughout all time.  Thank you for being the spark behind a movement of everlasting change and the one real thing that completes me.

XOXO Binghampton’s Mom,
Lindsay Pfeffer
Community Vice President-Elect 2018-2019





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