#dearjlsd: Laura Fox Holloway

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.


Giving back has always been in my heart, but I didn’t know what that truly meant until I joined the Junior League of San Diego. My sister, Kim, had heard about the Junior League and had plans to attend a new member orientation meeting. She invited me to come along and I’ll always be grateful that she did.

What I would realize over the years that followed would be that JLSD would offer the most fulfilling opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the community I always knew I wanted to serve, but didn’t know how until JLSD showed me the way. Some of my favorite memories are making holiday crafts with the seniors of St. Paul’s Senior Services, organizing a lunchtime learning event for low-income children through Kids in the Kitchen at Olivewood Gardens, and supporting local non-profit Uplift through their annual gala.

JLSD would also give so much back to me, such as leadership opportunities, professional development, and the best friends who would be there in the good times and the hard times.

JLSD, you’ve been the ribbon that tied my hopes and dreams together to make me who I am. Thank you – I love you!

Laura Fox Holloway
Training Development & Evaluation Member, 2018-2019




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