#dearjlsd: Kym Singer

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.


I first joined this fabulous league back in 2014. I joined because I was searching for ways to get involved in the San Diego community. At the time I was working remote and missed the connection of people every day. Having been one to grow up in a household that was always supporting foster youth, I was also yearning for ways to give back. When I learned this league was available to me, a place to meet like- minded women and support youth in San Diego I knew immediately this was a win/win. What I didn’t know was how much this league would change me, as a woman, as a leader, and as a human for the better.

One of the first events I ever attended was Day of the Races. I connected with a couple of ladies in my provisional group and we decided to go together. I had no idea at the time that one of those ladies would become a lifelong friend. She has since transferred back to her hometown but we are still in contact to this day. She introduced me to her friends, her fitness regime, her favorite spots in San Diego, and things which have continually inspired me.

After my provisional year I joined the community council. I was immediately amazed at how incredible so many organizations in San Diego are in working with youth. After joining TAY Task Forces I applied to be a chair. My favorite memory was our 5K walk and Rally for Homeless youth which the league partnered on with quite a few community partner organizations. We worked hands to create this event which is still in existence today! The walk started at the JLSD house and ended at TAY Academy where we had political speakers, youth inspiration and news crews attending. Hearing the youth speak to the public and knowing our league was helping warmed my heart in ways I can’t even explain.

There are so many reasons I love JLSD. But seeing women I am fortunate to call friends give back, and hearing first hand that it is helping is overall one of the greatest feelings there is.

Kym Singer
Membership Services Council: Membership Programming & Special Events- Co-Chair, 2018-2019




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