#dearjlsd: Natalie Sollock

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.


I joined the Junior League for two main reasons; I wanted to make new like-minded friends and for professional growth. Already, Junior League of San Diego, has opened the doors for both of these reasons and so much more. I have learned an incredible amount about human trafficking and San Diego’s efforts to end this. My heart floods with the need to help this cause at every meeting or training I attend. It is a beautiful passion that JLSD shares and has fired up inside me.

I am meeting some amazing women from a wide scope of interests and not only has JLSD introduced me to these ladies but also taught me more about myself as an adult acquiring new friends. I’ve never been good at finding a date, much less organically finding a new friend. Going JLSD has given me the opportunity to share an experience with other intelligent and inspiring women who I want to be around. There is a certain bond that comes with this experience that gives the basis for something to grow. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow a friendship with these beautiful women.

Second, I work for a small family business that looks big on the outside but is actually very small on the inside. I have 3 male coworkers at my office and work directly with a male manager of our San Diego location. While I know they respect my position as a leader, I do have to “lean in” so to speak or my voice gets lost. For full disclosure, we have 4 strong female managers at other locations and my boss is a strong female leader, I just work more closely with the men in my office. Junior League has given me the opportunity to meet other professional women, share challenges and successes in the workplace, hear some inspiring women in power speeches, and even join professional development training events. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally because of JLSD programs and connections.

I have already gained so much in my provisional year and I am excited to see where this journey takes me!

Natalie Sollock
Provisional Member, 2018-2019




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