Mindful Leadership Symposium


Start your new year off right, focusing on self-development!

The Junior League of San Diego is hosting a Mindful Leadership Symposium this Sunday at University of San Diego.  Learn what Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley have all incorporated into their top leadership programs. Mindfulness has been shown to improve stress management, objectivity, compassion, and decision making. Develop self empowerment skills to transform any situation into one of centered, mindful resilience.

  • 8:30 -9:00am Registration and Coffee
  • 9:00 – 9:05am Welcome and Opening remarks
  • 9:05 – 9:30am The Role of Meditation in Mind-Body Connection with Swami Satya Brahmananda, MS
  • 9:30 – 10:45am Leading from the Inside-Out with Mindfulness with Christy Cassisa, JD
  • 11:00- 12:30pm Authentic Leadership, a Strengths-based Approach with Shannon Jordan, MA
  • 12:30 -1:30pm Lunch with a special live musical concert with John St. Clair
  • 1:30 – 2:50pm The Power of Intent, for the Compassionate Leader with Dr Stefano Olmeti, PhD
  • 3:00 – 4:30pm Keynote- Conscious Leadership: Leading Well from within a Neuroscience and Mindfulness-based Framework with Daniel Friedland, MD

Join us for a fun, transformative event on mindfulness and leadership. Reduce stress, increase self awareness, and improve relationships. Click here for ticket sales information.  A group discount is also available.

JLSD Public Policy Institute


The Junior League of San Diego’s Public Policy Institute is a unique training experience aimed at educating members on nonprofit advocacy. Our guest speakers will include legislators and staff, community leaders, nonprofit organizations and league leadership.

As we advance further into our TAY and Human Trafficking focus areas, being able to understand nonprofit advocacy and how nonprofit organizations work becomes increasingly important. We want all interested JLSD members to feel empowered to advocate on the issues they believe in.

The Public Policy Institute will consist of five evening trainings with information sessions which will cover topics ranging from general nonprofit advocacy education to working with city, county, and state government, to boards and commission appointments. Additional opportunities for participants will include Day at City Hall and Day at the State Capitol.

Session 1: Online Course: Introduction to Advocacy
Session 2: January 18, 2017 State & Federal Government
Session 3: February 22, 2017 Advocacy in Action
Session 4: April 19, 2017 City & County Government
Session 5: May 10, 2017 Appointments to Boards and Commissions


JLSD Human Trafficking Awareness Rally

2017-ht-rally-digital-banners_jlsdwebsiteThe Human Trafficking epidemic in America is stealing both our children’s innocence, and the livelihood of adults, and we cannot back down. The FBI estimates that over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from nine to 19, with the average being age 11. Many victims are not just runaways or abandoned, but are from “good” families who are coerced by clever traffickers.

Junior League of San Diego believes that awareness of and training to confront and stop human and labor trafficking is key to an improved outcome in San Diego County. Via the Rally, audience participants will learn from San Diego community subject matter experts and gain the knowledge and resources available to help those who may be at risk in our community. Register today: bit.ly/JLSDRally2017

Featured Speakers:

Congresswoman Susan Davis, US House of Representatives – 53rd District

Senator Toni Atkins, California State Senate – 39th District

Summer Stephan, Chief Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County

Michelle Shoemaker, Director, Churches Against Trafficking

Dr. Jennifer Prager, Director, Victims Counseling Services

Bettina Hausmann, President and CEO, United Nations Association San Diego

Christina Marzocca, Women’s Equity Council

Anne Hoiberg, San Diego Trafficking Advisory Council

Susan Muncey, Director, Generate Hope

Ruby Chacon, US Immigration and Custom Enforcement Victim Specialist

Marisa Ogarte, Outreach Coordinator, Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition

Movie Preview: Jackie

On December 12th, 2016, the Junior League of San Diego was invited to view a sneak peak of the new movie, Jackie.  Below is a review of the movie, by Emily Cabrian, Marketing Council Assistant.

Growing up near D.C. in northern Virginia, it was inevitable that I would have US history drilled into my studies from and early age on. However, most of what I learned about iconic events such as the Kennedy assassination were memorized facts from the general curriculum history books. From being fed these ‘facts’ only, it was very enlightening to see a story where the gaps were filled by accounts of what had to happen behind the scenes for Jackie in order to record the documents we have today. This included keeping her sanity and famed grace intact during trying times for herself and the country. These staples of grace and elegance are what makes her the iconic woman we know of today, and the film Jackie does a great job of showing us what it takes to be a first lady, through the best and sadly, the worst as well.

During the film I sat next to a mother and daughter who both lived through President Kennedy’s assassination. It was very interesting to hear what they had to say after the film because they both had one common ground in their opinion. It takes more than a just pen and paper to capture what was recorded in the history books, and more than an eraser to keep out what wasn’t. Jackie held on tight to the poised image she was known for. She had to put up with a lot of nonsense from reporters and the public behind the scenes to keep it that way too. This included dodging press and dealing with her husband’s alleged affairs as well, which you could pick up on a bit during the feature at times. The movie even portrayed her a bit narcissistic, as she seemed very concerned with what the public thought of her, and the facts that were presented to the press and public of the events surrounding her husband’s death. At the end I was intrigued on the insight of the ladies who lived through the event, and I asked them if Jackie was really like that, and they both had the same response. They said that because of how good she was at covering up her personal feelings and actions, that, “we really don’t know”. I recommend this film not only for general history buffs, but also to anyone who would like a take on Jackie’s struggles from the inside looking out and the endurance and determination she exhibited to give us the strong yet graceful woman we know and remember today.

Giving Tuesday – Thank You For The Support


On Giving Tuesday 2016, a total of 76 members donated and the Junior League of San Diego (JLSD) reached 10.59% member participation towards its annual campaign. 

The JLSD aims to make a significant impact in the community through activities and programs supporting transition-age foster youth including, mentoring programs, Solutions Summit, grants and scholarships for foster youth and a variety of volunteer events. Every gift counts… no matter the size! All gifts will directly impact the JLSD and our local community.

Your support means the world to the JLSD and there is still time left to donate! Let’s close the year strong. Please consider giving to our Annual Fund during this holiday season. Giving Circles for our 2016-2017 Annual Fund campaign recognize members for making a donation at various levels. To learn more about Giving Circles, click here.

Community Partner Spotlight: Cal State San Marcos ACE Scholars


Did you know that Cal State University San Marcos serves more former foster youth per capita than any other university in the nation?  In doing so, they provide innovative, top-tier programs like ACE Scholars Services to support former foster youth at a time when they need it most.

JLSD is a proud partner of Cal State University San Marcos ACE Scholars. Their primary objective is to meet the unique needs of students who are former foster youth through services and support systems that will improve their rates of matriculation, graduation, and career success.  Leaders from the ACE Scholars program support JLSD’s Solution Summit and ongoing efforts to standardize education for TAY at the university level.  Click here to learn more about CSUSM ACE Scholars.

Thank You For Attending the 9th Annual Jingle Bell Bachelor Bash

Thanks to everyone who attended Jingle Bell Bachelor Bash.  The evening was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without you!

A special thank you to our emcee’s, Shelley Wade from Star 94.1FM and Nathan Fast from Channel 93.3, and our DJ for the evening, DJ Porterhaus. They did an amazing job pumping up the crowd and auctioning off the bachelors!

Also, thank you to our Kendra Scott pop up shop where 20% of all sales from the evening were donated back to JLSD!

In addition, a special thank you to our sponsors and donors.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

-JBBB Committee