#dearjlsd: Lindsay Pfeffer

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.


You are my everything; my one true love. You have been there for me when I needed you most, but more importantly you have been there for those who need it far more than I can ever imagine.  You are something I hold dear and feel lucky to have graced. You are my friend, my inspiration, my muse.  A force that is seen with awe from all that I encounter and a role model for my family to come.  You are all that is still good and selfless in this world and for that I am honored. Your mix of strength, wisdom and undying effort is what I will always strive to replicate throughout all time.  Thank you for being the spark behind a movement of everlasting change and the one real thing that completes me.

XOXO Binghampton’s Mom,
Lindsay Pfeffer
Community Vice President-Elect 2018-2019





#dearjlsd: Andrea Myers

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.


When I joined the League, I expected to get the opportunity to volunteer and maybe meet a few friends. I have been surprised and inspired by how much more that I have received in return. It is not an exaggeration to say that the leadership skills, personal connections, professional development, and lessons learned have been game-changing for me. When I look back at my professional career, my opportunities to serve on other nonprofits, and even my social connections, I see the League running through almost all aspects of my life. I love the League!

My varied experience, serving on almost every council has given me so many opportunities. Now, co-chairing the restoration of 210 Maple has been the opportunity of a lifetime. (Or at least my lifetime, as I hope the plans we put in place will survive for many decades to come). The scale of this restoration, fundraising, and effort to reengage our Sustainers has been historic and challenging. But, if my experience in the League has taught me anything, it is that I am up for the challenge.

Like so many of our members, the past, present and future of our League are ingrained in me. I am continually inspired by the smart, strategic-minded women that I have had the pleasure to serve with. I truly believe that our League can continue to leave our mark as a highly visible organization of trained women professionals capable of accomplishing a lasting impact. And, I am looking forward to the opportunity to help shape the League’s vision for the future, while building upon the legacy of the great leaders preceding me. #whyijlsd #dearjlsd

Andrea Myers
210 Maple Restoration Project Ad Hoc Board Member, 2018-2019




#dearjlsd: Kelly Harris

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.


JLSD has meant many things to me throughout the years, and I am so surprised to find it constantly changing. In the beginning, it was a fun way to meet like-minded women and find new opportunities to volunteer, but my interests and priorities have changed so much as my JLSD career progresses. The learning opportunities I’ve had could not be found anywhere else. I got into leadership very quickly (as a 1st year active), and have held a leadership role every year since I started. Being in leadership, I think the exciting parts and learning opportunities of JLSD are always changing depending on the position you’re placed in.

When I was a treasurer for Food & Wine, I learned so much about the inner workings of both Fund Development and the League as a whole, and it fascinated me. When I worked with Provisionals, both as a mentor then as a Provisional Co-Chair, I was incredibly lucky to help shape our newest members and I absolutely loved it. I learned very important lessons about leadership among large groups and how to work with different personality types. Once I joined the Nominating Committee, I saw the League in a completely different and unexpected way, and learned so much about having to have hard conversations and how to manage expectations etc. Now, I am the Nominating Chair and also sit on the Board of Directors and Executive Management team, and it amazes me that I’m still learning so much, after 6 years.

JLSD has been such an incredible learning opportunity for me in life, both personally and professionally, and I am so thankful that I found the League. I’ve created friendships that I’ll probably always have, in fact 2 of my Bridesmaids are also in JLSD, but more than that, I think I’ve grown immensely in ways that I could not have foreseen when I first heard about this organization. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that the League has given me for personal and professional development, I love our volunteer opportunities, and the connections I’ve made have been life changing.

As I reflect on what this organization has accomplished over the last 89 years, I am amazed and humbled. As we move into our 90th, I am so honored to have played even the tiniest role in helping create what JLSD is.

With Love,

Kelly Harris
Nominating Chair, 2018-2019




JLSD Community Partner Spotlight: St. Paul’s Senior Services


St. Paul’s Senior Services offers a solution for nearly every senior at any stage in life. Since 1960, St. Paul’s Senior Services, a nonprofit, non-denominational organization, has been dedicated to serving the physical, spiritual, and social needs of San Diego seniors. With a reputation for excellent care, St. Paul’s Senior Services offers independent and assisted living, a skilled nursing community, respite care, a managed medical program, a senior day care program, child care, and an intergenerational program. Having younger generations interact with seniors is proven to have a beneficial impact on everyone involved.

At St. Paul’s Villa, the assisted living and memory care community in Bankers Hill, members of Junior League San Diego (JLSD) have volunteered to assist senior residents in a variety of arts and crafts projects, from creating Mother’s Day cards to participating in thematic activities surrounding Valentine’s Day and more. Residents look forward to seeing the many smiling faces of the JLSD members and having the opportunity to sit and chat. The interaction between JLSD members and seniors offers a meaningful connection.

Some seniors may choose to, or be unable to, venture out into the community and having regular interacting with vibrant youth who are respectful and engaging improves their social well-being, facilitating happiness in their hearts. Each generation is able to learn from one another, and it is a beautiful thing to witness. Typically, one JLSD member will interact with two or three residents at a time, providing quality moments. Seniors at St. Paul’s Villa assisted living, and memory care look forward to the time they get to spend with the members of JLSD.


Jackie Gutierrez

Communications Specialist

St. Paul’s Senior Services

#dearjlsd: Bri Maheu

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.


When I joined Junior League back in Denver it was to gain friends and learn more about the beloved city. Over the years, and through my transfer to San Diego I have genuinely enjoyed meeting more new people, volunteering, and fundraising. I owe the League a lot, as I have gained 2 wonderful roommates over the years.

Heather Albin and I lived together for almost 3 years and I watched her relationship with her fiancé go from their first date to their engagement. I have had the opportunity to learn so much from Heather and our families have bonded and become close over the years, celebrating holidays together like Christmas Eve and Hanukkah. More recently our families joined together again to support me and Heather at the Junior League of San Diego Gala. Not only did we have the opportunity to share this moment together, but we also honored a very close friend and past co-worker, Poppy Fitch with the Spirit of Community Award.

Nights like the Gala put into perspective why I love this League. Friends and family have always been a huge priority of mine and the night of the Gala my Junior League life and personal life came full circle!

Bri Maheu
Vice President of Fund Development, 2018-2019



Thank You: JLSD 2018 Gala- A Great Gatsby Affair

Some time has passed since our Great Gatsby Affair on the green of Morgan Run Golf Course and Resort. It’s because of you that we are able to create lasting partnerships to end human trafficking, and continue training programs that help develop successful women to be change agents in our community.

Through your generous donations we are able to support the league and its mission-based community projects to support transition-age foster youth in San Diego though programs like Band of Brothers and Solutions Summit.

You are part of our success story and we thank you.


This year’s recipient of our Spirit of Community Award was Poppy Fitch Ed.D.

Gala 2018 Blog Image 2.png

The Junior League of San Diego is happy to recognize Poppy Fitch. As a former foster youth, Poppy’s enthusiasm for educational equity and leadership development is informed by her life experiences. She is fiercely committed to ensuring that youth and adults are free to reach their fullest potential through the transformative power of education.

We would also like to recognize this year’s runner up, Vanessa Arteaga.

Gala 2018 Blog Image 3.png

Vanessa Arteaga is a Program Manager at San Diego Youth Services (SDYS). She has 10 years of experience working with youth and families experiencing homelessness. She currently oversees programs which provide a drop in center for transitional aged youth (TAY), an art expressive program aimed at destigmatizing mental illness, short term housing for TAY, and street outreach for runaway and homeless TAY.

Vanessa has been a strong contributor to the Junior League’s Solutions Summit, Brand of Brothers and the “Runaway and Homeless Youth Walk and Rally.”

Gala 2018 Blog Image 4.png

We would like to offer a sincere thank you to all of our amazing vendors, donors, and corporate sponsors who played a role in making this such a successful event.

Our cup is overflowing with gratitude for you and the change you are helping us to make in the community.












#dearjlsd: Heather Albin

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.


Seven years ago I met my first professional mentor. From the start it was clear that civic engagement was a value we both shared. During this time she told me about the Junior League. She had joined in Washington, D.C. and transferred to San Diego, meeting an amazing group of women. The conversation resonated with me, but it took me two additional years to join. It was the best decision I’ve made in the past five years.

Junior League of San Diego (JLSD), entered my life at the perfect time. I was looking for ways to learn more about San Diego, my new home, and meet like-minded women that I could call friends. This happened simultaneously.

After just one year in JLSD I had made lifelong friends. Over the course of the past five years we’ve shared countless memories including two weddings, welcomed a baby, at least six vacations, Friendgiving and more. In addition, one of these women became my first roommate after college, opening her home and family to me. These women lift me up every day and I’m so grateful to have them to lean on.

Secondly, JLSD has made me a more informed and engaged community member. Through Public Policy Institute and volunteer opportunities, I’ve learned so much about the issues facing the San Diego community. I had the privilege of leading Public Policy Institute in its inaugural year, and through that process developed the necessary skills to advocate effectively on causes most important to me. This has inspired me to more actively engage at the local political level and bring more awareness to important causes like human trafficking, even if only through my own personal and professional circles.
I want to end with my favorite JLSD memory. The 2018 JLSD Gala brought together my personal, professional and JLSD life in one evening. One of my current mentors, Dr. Poppy Fitch, shared her inspirational story and research on transitional age foster youth in higher education as part of the evening’s program. In addition, my parents joined for the night and were so inspired by our work, that they donated to our cause at a level that I know will have a significant impact and finally I got to see the hard work of a lot of my great friends come to culmination in the actual event. It was an amazing, inspiring evening that reminded me #whyijlsd.
With love,
Heather Albin
Member Marketing & Boutique Sales Chair, 2018-2019




#dearjlsd: Marcy Lanoue

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.



Although, I am a transfer to the Junior League of San Diego, I was able to quickly acclimate to our community and our mission. Through wonderful committee work and being surrounded by lovely, motivated women, I was able to feel like I was “home”. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms.

Time and time again, I am proven that the Junior League of San Diego is unstoppable. As I spend more time with strong women who balance careers, family and our work, I am amazed and reminded that we CAN do it all. We can make a tremendous impact on our community, through ideas, commitment and empowerment. I look forward to contributing many more years to the league.

P.S. The Junior League of Tampa – thank you for establishing my league foundation. You were my first love, without you, I may not have had the opportunity to be exposed to such great purpose.

With gratitude,
Marcelline (Marcy) Lanoue

Fund Development Council: Food & Wine – Co-Chair Elect, 2018-2019






#dearjlsd: Nina Nguyen

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.


The Junior League of San Diego has allowed me to give back to the community as well as create friendships with women alike.

I am proud to be part of fulfilling the mission of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and creating community impact through the effective leadership and action of trained volunteerism.

-Nina Nguyen
Fund Development and PR Marketing Member






#dearjlsd: The Lunch Bunch

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.

Dear JLSD,

We have a group of five women that have been meeting for lunch once a month since 1992. Several of us were on the Fashion show committee. We all met as members of JLSD. It started when we realized four of us had October Birthdays, we made the fifth person an honorary Libra. We have shared many life experiences both high and low in the past 27 years. It is a true testimony of friendship!


The Lunch Bunch members…Tracey DeBello, Diane Archambault, Cindy Cavignac, Bobbie Quick and Gayle Hom


Photo 21 years ago at a baby shower at the University Club given by the gals for me.
Left to right Tracey DeBello, Cindy Cavignac, Bobbie Quick, Diane Archabault and Gayle Hom
Tracey DeBello, Gayle Hom and Diane Archabault

Bobbie Quick, Gayle Hom, Cindy Cavignac, Diane Archambault and Tracey DeBello




#dearjlsd: Julie Erickson

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.

Dear JLSD,

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your organization. The past four years have been a wonderful experience. I joined the league for two main reasons, the first to get involved in the community in which I live, and the second was to meet new like-minded people and establish connections in friendship. I received everything I was hoping for and then some!

JLSD has taught me how to be a volunteer. Surrounded by so many wonderful do-gooders, I am inspired to do more, give more and be open to new and different opportunities to get involved in the community.

Through the League, I have been lucky enough to meet so many warm, genuine, kind-hearted and strong women who are eager to get to know new friends and be a friend. I can honestly say, the circle of women I surround myself with on a regular basis are members of the League.

I look forward to being a part of JLSD for many years to come!

Julie Erickson

Marketing & Sales Council: Mission Based Marketing- Member, 2018-2019






JLSD Community Partner Spotlight: Promises2Kids


Junior League of San Diego has been a longtime supporter of Promises2Kids and its Guardian Scholars program. In 2001, Promises2Kids launched its Guardian Scholars program to address the dismal educational statistics for foster youth and is proud of its over 85% college graduation rate, compared to the less than 10% nationally.  With the support of the JLSD’s gift of $70,000 in honor of its 70th Anniversary, Promises2Kids established an endowed scholarship for a former foster youth in college who embodies that of the JLSD members themselves, leadership and giving back to the community.  Takeyia, a sophomore at UCSD, is the current recipient.  Not only is she pursuing a career in the STEM field, already becoming a role model for young ladies, but she is also passionate about community service, often giving back in her church community.

Today, Promises2Kids’ Guardian Scholars begins supporting foster youth in the 9th grade, exposing them to the vast educational and career opportunities available, and annually supports 175 foster youth pursuing higher education whether it be a certificate, community college, or 4-year university education.

Promises2Kids recognizes the need to not only support foster youth in high school and then into higher education, but also the importance of providing support as they transition into life after graduation.   In August 2017, Promises2Kids launched the Women’s Leadership Network, building off the Men’s, in an effort to ensure these foster youth have a network of successful and supportive role models who help them achieve a successful and independent future – something JLSD understands all too well.  A year later, we have had 18 young women, all former foster youth, engage in the program and better prepared for life after school.

Promises2Kids is grateful for the support from the Junior League of San Diego.  Their leadership, volunteerism, and dedication to the San Diego community has been critical in our efforts to create a brighter future for foster children.

Promises2Kids was founded in 1981 and, since then, it has served over 250,000 current and former foster youth, and distributed more than $25 million for critical services and program.  From the moment they come into foster care and through to adulthood, Promises2Kids provides the hope, support, and opportunities these special individuals need to change their lives for the better… now and for years to come.  Our programs include the A.B. and Jessie Polinsky Children’s Center, Camp Connect, Foster Funds, and Guardian Scholars.  These programs assist Promises2Kids in its mission to create a brighter future for foster youth®.


Stephanie Segal Ortega, MA
Chief Operating Officer

Guardian Scholars.jpg

These are the 2018-2019 Guardian Scholars


#dearjlsd: AJ Galka-Gonyeau

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.



I joined the league JLSD in 2009 when I moved down to San Diego for a new job opportunity. I only knew ONE person. Eventually in the first 6 months I made some friends who I worked with and some wonderful neighbors in my building. Still something was missing in my life…

Reflecting back, I yearned to be out in the community volunteering and making an impact on my days off and weekends. I wanted to find like-minded friendships that enjoyed the same. My aunt who lives up in Greenbrae suggested I find out about the local junior league as her and my mother were members many years ago. She joyfully shared that they both are still friends with many of the women they met in the league.


Soon after I searched online and nervously, RSVP’d (and went) to my first information session. After that, I was enthralled by that approachable room of women filled with such pure inspiration to serve the community! I applied the next day.


Since joining I have found how my work life (In a good way) overlaps with my JLSD life in so many amazing ways like networking and supporting each other with references or even job opportunities. Also, I have found some of the most brilliant, dedicated, beyond thoughtful friends a person could hope for!


Since my 6 years in the league I have been able to be a part of marketing (boutique), impact, membership connections, and now going on my 3rd year of training council. Each area of the league I dedicated my time to both gave me new friendships, new areas to serve the community and the league. For this I am forever grateful.


Most recently, I finally took the leap into leadership as VP-Elect last year and now I am VP of Training this year. With the honor of experiencing this role, I see how my approach within the council operations shapes each and every training council member’s personal connectedness of their league experience. Additionally, they get a chance to design and implement various comprehensive training opportunities offered to not only fellow members but also to the general public. At our council meetings and GMMs, I see they have opportunities to grow friendships and even translatable skills that they can use in their professional lives. I too, have found this in the league and I whole heartedly cannot wait for the years to come when I can look back and say I am a more impactful human to my community due to my precious time in the league.


Thank you JLSD for being that place to explore, learn, even fail sometimes, but at the end of the day do it alongside some of the best and brightest friends I know.

Gratefully Yours,
Training Development & Evaluation: Vice President, 2018-2019






#dearjlsd: Emily Green

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.



I found out about Junior League in a funny way that is indicative to my bookworm-y nature. I was on the beach reading a book (and no, it wasn’t The Help) that noted the two main characters’ mothers had met in The Junior League. I had never heard of such an organization, so I Googled those three words that, little did I realize, would become such an important part of my life. Google took me straight to the JLSD webpage where I clicked around and instantly became intrigued by all that the organization offered. From that serendipitous afternoon, I was hooked, and so began my journey as a proud Junior Leaguer.


Between the training, leadership opportunities, service involvement, and sense of true community, Junior League has provided me with meaningful experiences that I could write about for volumes. I’ll spare the reader from that, but I will shed light onto how JLSD has provided me hope and empowerment to help me through my darkest time. In November 2016 my sister Kate, my very best friend, unexpectedly passed away due to an undetected heart condition. In an instant everything in my life reprioritized, including my responsibilities as a JLSD Board member, to be with my parents on the east coast. I was away from San Diego for two months and during that time, I heard from a Junior Leaguer at least once daily whether it be a text message, an email, a handwritten note, a bouquet of flowers, and even a pizza delivered from Brooklyn! When I returned to San Diego and JLSD, all of my responsibilities- both League-related and in my personal life- had been handled seamlessly by fellow League members. My family and I are eternally grateful for the support that we received from JLSD during the most difficult time in our lives.


Inspired by my sisters’ untimely passing and the realization that life is so short and precious, I took a risk by leaving my profession as a high school teacher to open a restaurant as a tribute to my sister – Sisters Pizza. I don’t think I would have had the confidence and I know I would not have had the leadership training to take such a risk without my experiences at JLSD and the ongoing support and empowerment from other Junior Leaguers.


JLSD has given me countless opportunities to serve the community, to receive valuable trainings, to be vulnerable, to take risks, and to become a leader, in sunshine and in rain. This is San Diego after all, and I am excited to see nothing but sunshine on the horizon.


With deepest gratitude to JLSD,

Emily Green

President Elect, 2019-2020


JLSD Gives Back: 2018 Grant Presentations, Part I

In the Fall of 2018, the Junior League of San Diego presented $20,000 to 7 of our Community Partners who helpTransition Aged Foster Youth and other issues that effect our community and mission based programs, such as homelessness and domestic violence.  Our Partners help with everything from getting a leg up, an education, or just a hot meal.

Read below for highlights of Community Council Vice-President, Brandi Cropper presenting the grants to our Community Partners as well as words from our President, Joni Flaherty about what each Community Partner means to the Junior League of San Diego and information on what the funds will be used for.  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page for videos of the presentations!

Monarch School, $3,000

The Monarch School has served San Diego for almost 30 years with a mission to provide education to homeless youth for grades K through 12.

This grant was used to purchase school supplies for 6 of the 13 classrooms so the students could start the school year strong!

“The women of the Junior League of San Diego and Monarch have partnered with one another for decades to support Monarch’s efforts of educating San Diego’s homeless youth. We are honored to support Monarch in its mission and value our longstanding relationship in the San Diego community.”  — Joni Flaherty, 2018-2019 JLSD President

Monarch Grant 2018
Brandi presenting the grant on the first day of school at Monarch.


San Diego Youth Services – TAY Academy, $4,000

TAY Academy serves Transition Aged Foster Youth through San Diego Youth Services and provides emergency needs to at risk youth.  Our grant is allocated for “Flex Funds” usage.  Grants and budgets do not allot for fresh food or emergency needs — things that are both so important to the youth that is served.

“TAY Academy was one of our first partners when we adopted transition-age foster youth as our community focus several years ago. We are proud to support TAY Academy and its unparalleled efforts to serve the varied needs of hundreds of current and former foster youth each year.” — Joni Flaherty, 2018-2019 JLSD President

Brandi and the LCSW at TAY Academy, Gillian.


Promises2Kids, $5,000

Promises2Kids provides over 3,000 foster youth in San Diego County with the tools, opportunities and guidance they need to overcome the difficulties of their past, and grow into healthy and successful adults.

This Grant specifically goes towards the Guardian Scholar Program in order to help two former foster youths through their college career. This program boosts graduation rates ten-fold.  It will be used to send them care packages and help with expenses!

Brandi presenting to Promises2Kids CEO (and former JLSD member) Tonya Torosian, MSW, CFRE.

“This year, we have the opportunity to fund two Guardian Scholars, a program that supports the higher education or trade school dreams of former foster youth. Promises2Kids is at the forefront of making education accessible for these students, and we are honored to support their efforts.” — Joni Flaherty, JLSD President 2018-2019

#dearjlsd: Libby Lopez

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.
Dear JLSD,

Thank you.

Thank you for allowing me to grow as a woman.
Thank you for opening up my network to female professionals with a variety of skills and expertise!
Thank you for all of the volunteer shift opportunities where I can give back to the community.
Thank you for the laughs, tears, hugs, and long talks with amazing women.
Thank you for introducing me to powerhouse Community Partners like Joseph Travers of Saved in America, Kathryn Ashworth of Voices for Children, and Stephanie Ortega of Promises2Kids.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for providing hundreds of new friends!
Thank you for opening my eyes to areas of need in the community that I would not have seen otherwise.
Thank you for the lessons learned as I attempt new things and develop new skills.
Thank you for the opportunity to meet dynamic political affiliates such as Congresswoman Susan Davis, District Attorney Summer Stephan, and Assemblymember Todd Gloria.
Thank you for giving me a creative outlet outside of my full time job.
Thank you for changing my life, and the lives of those around me.

I love you, JLSD.

Libby Lopez
Marketing Vice President, 2018-2019

#dearjlsd: Jane Fetter

#dearjlsd (1)To commemorate our 90th year in San Diego, JLSD provisional, active, and sustaining members, as well as former members and community partners, are writing love letters to the Junior League of San Diego.
Dear JLSD,
It was with a sense of wonder that I sat down to write this letter and realized it was 60 years ago this past spring that I received my invitation to join the Junior League of San Diego. I was a senior at Stanford University, married (which was highly unusual) and 20 years old. I was an economics major and my career counselor kept telling me I should be a pilot.
I joined the Junior League and it was the perfect graduate school. The provisional course in 1958 was a summer long intensive course about San Diego. Although I had lived here since I was two, I had never been to the police station, the court house, the department of Education and had never been aware of all the many needs of our city. It was an incredible education. Along with the places and stories I met the city’s most remarkable women.
During the year I learned how to run a meeting, how to become a leader of women and all about non-profit governance and By-laws. I also found the volunteer corps who would be by my side as I enjoyed serving the Junior League on committees, projects and the board. The Junior League provided me with memorable experiences at regional meetings and at 3 national conferences.
My year as President of the Junior League was a highlight of my life long career as a volunteer. The Junior League provided me with the tools to serve not only our community in many capacities but our state and our nation. It gave me the inner self confidence to tackle any challenge and to find the resources to do so. It also gave me the knowledge that I had to impress my children and grandchildren with the importance of “giving back”.
I love the Junior League of San Diego.
Jane Trevor Fetter
JLSD President 1970-1971
Sustainer since 1977